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Angela Burton

Founder and Executive Director

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Angela Burton grew up in the United Kingdom where she always loved dogs.  As a child, she would bring stray dogs home with the hope that her parents would allow her to keep them. Fortunately, sometimes they did. After moving to the United States, Ms. Burton developed a successful 16-year career as a professional Realtor in California. However, Ms. Burton’s true passion has always been caring for dogs. In between her busy Real Estate schedule, Ms. Burton began volunteering with several dog rescues and other Nonprofit dog care organizations. Through these experiences and getting more familiar with the local shelters Ms. Burton realized that most dog shelters, while well-intentioned, were forced to keep dogs in cages which in many instances led to traumatizing dogs making them less adoptable. In many other cases, dogs had to be put down largely due to a lack of facility space and professionally staff needed to properly care for them.


Ms. Burton idealized a clear vision of how she wanted to help rescue dogs and get them into a better situation.  The vision was brought to life using a vision board consisting of roughly drawn pictures of “the ranch.” In 2017, Ms. Burton formed her own dog rescue where Muttly Crew Inc. was born.

Muttly Crew has since successfully rescued and adopted out over 150 dogs to amazing homes and families.  Muttly Crew is not a dog rescue in the traditional sense but rather is a foster-based rescue that relies on committed volunteers to help achieve the goal of saving dogs and placing them in safe, loving homes.

To fully realize her vision of providing more dogs with a spacious, safe and fun environment, Ms. Burton conceptualized the FURever Friends Ranch—her vision for change… a foster-based rescue on steroids!  The ranch will consist of a combination of income-producing entities such as a doggie day care facility, animal petting zoo, café and store and a wine tasting experience for dog owners and dog lovers. Ms. Burton is also committed to engaging in animal advocacy activities needed to shape the laws and public policies that affect dog welfare and quality of life.

Listen to Angela's radio interview here:

Dog Talk - Angela Burton
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