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Jingo is looking to you to give him a wonderful home!

Jingo is available for adoption and he doesn't make any messes. Look at his sweet face!

Every dog owner thinks their furry friend is the cutest, but unfortunately, that fur is more than just cute and cuddly. It ends up in your home, along with smells, mud, and all kinds of other messes. Keeping your home cleaner with a dog is entirely doable, though, even on a budget. These cost-saving tips will help you manage the mess without breaking the bank.

Quick and Cheap Clean-Ups

Even with the best prevention efforts, any dog owner will end up with messes in their home. The trick is to stay on top of it by frequently doing quick and easy clean-ups. Stock up on budget-friendly cleaning supplies by looking for special offers from big retailers such as Walmart. With a quick search online, you can usually track down coupon codes, in-store offers, and cashback rewards that will help you save. With the right tools in hand, use these cleaning tips for some of the most common messes.

  • Fur and Dander: For hard surface floors, get fur up with a robot vacuum, or for a more affordable option, use a sweeper broom that traps pet hair. For rugs, Martha Stewart recommends vacuuming in multiple directions and then using a rubber rake or squeegee to get those last stubborn hairs. For surfaces like sofas, chairs, and clothing, a simple and affordable hack is to run your hand over them with rubber gloves, rather than having to repeatedly tear off sheets of a lint roller. Look on Amazon for a good pair of rubber gloves, then save more by cashing in on coupons and deals.

  • Saliva and Nose Prints: Doggie drool turns up all over the house, from windows to walls, sofas, and flooring. Puppy Leaks suggests cleaning windows weekly and leaving cleaner to sit on them for a few minutes before wiping. For dried drool, a Magic Eraser and vinegar solution work well on most surfaces.

  • Unwanted Odors: Carpets and rugs are the worst surfaces for trapping pet odors. Your best bet for getting rid of them is to use cleaners that are designed specifically for pet smells. Baking soda also does wonders for eliminating odors. You can sprinkle it on carpets, let it sit for a few hours or overnight, and then vacuum it up. Vinegar and baking soda are cleaning staples that have millions of uses, so they are definitely worth stocking up on with coupons or discounts from retailers like Target.

Tips for Less Mess

Regular quick cleanings are essential, but you can also take a few simple steps to reduce the mess that comes into your house in the first place.

  • Keep Your Dog Clean and Groomed: A clean pet means a clean home! Frequent baths at a groomer can really add up, but you can buy your own supplies and bathe your dog regularly at home for a fraction of the cost. Frequent brushing reduces shedding, and trimming your dog’s nails prevents scratches on floors. You can also keep floors clean by wiping paws anytime your dog comes in from a walk.

  • Keep Pet Areas Clean: Even if your dog has free reign of the house, you can contain messes by setting up designated areas for them to eat, sleep, and play. For example, use a placemat under food and water bowls to make mealtime cleanup a snap.

  • Choose the Right Materials: The next time you’re in the market for new furniture, look for couches and chairs made from performance fabric that is easy to clean. For an inexpensive alternative, use slipcovers that can be washed. And instead of high pile rugs, indoor-outdoor rugs or carpet tiles are ideal because they’re resistant to messes soaking in and are super easy to clean.

For many dog owners, your pooch is another member of the family, and yet they don’t do their share of the cleaning! While they may not be able to help with cleaning, you can make this chore easier on yourself by stocking up on necessities so that regular clean-up is a breeze. These strategies will save you time and money for a clean and happy hound and home.

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